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Accounting Services

Business Heartbeat

Small business owners need to be able to see how their business is performing. Having competent and timely bookkeeping allows for proper financial statements (profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow) which then allows a business owner to make necessary corrections that align with their near and long-term goals.

Financial Reporting and Dashboards

While the "Business Heartbeat" of core bookkeeping services is a staple that any growing business should have, we view the next level of financial reporting to be critical to breaking through growth barriers and keeping our clients aligned with their long-term objectives. We use tailored budgeting and company metrics to design financial reporting packages that deliver the best possible information to our growing customers.

Tax Preparation Services

Business Tax Preparation

We provide business tax reporting for a large variety of for-profit and exempt organizations. In many cases, this tax preparation is deeply integrated with the small business owners' personal tax filings and long-term planning objectives.

Individual Tax Preparation

We view the individual tax return as a "report card" of the respective tax year. Our goal in tax preparation is to achieve the optimal Tax Efficiency for our clients in alignment with their near and long-term needs.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a critical effort; particularly for small business owners. Proper planning allows business owners to make the best near-term decisions that support their long-term objectives. And tax planning allows for solid cash flow planning.

Other Services

Outsourced CFO Services

We design custom support packages for our growing clients that are in need of competent CFO support but are not ready to hire that role full time. These packages can include the accounts payable functions, risk management, operational support, and a variety of other tailored services.

Payroll Services

We provide white-glove payroll services for our clients which includes direct deposit and standard compliance filings. Our objective is to make this highly critical business function as easy for our clients as possible.

Entity Setup and Dissolution

Businesses require structural support as they are starting up or winding down. We help business owners establish their legal entities and when necessary, terminate those entities.

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